Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Summer Olaf style ..

Riverhills School held an extravaganza called "Once Upon a Time" where all the classes made art work of different fairy tales. We like the movie Frozen so much that we had to do art work of Olaf .. our favourite character.

Shiquan using cotton balls to represent snow.

Eshan getting down to business.

Wow Sam!!! Olaf looks great!!!

Claire is just getting started .. Can't wait to see Olaf!!!

Looking good Hao! 

Jenie  and Sam adding some glitter .. 

Eshan can't wait to see his Olaf take shape. 

Shiquan getting on with her art. 

Awesome Hao!!! 

That looks just like Olaf, Shawn! 

A bit of glitter ...

You may need a little more snow :-) .. 

Finishing touches for Sam's art

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