Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Monday, 4 December 2017

BBQ by Shawn

I went to BBQ  noodles bar to on Saturday. I ate rice and roast pork.
I was with Mum,dad and hans. my favorite part of the day was when.. We go to BBQ noodles bar.
I went to Church with dad to on Sunday. After church we went to
Carls JR i ate chicken burger. I was with mum and dad. my favorite part of the day was when..
I went to go church with dad I go Carls JR
to ate chicken burger.

Eshan's News.

On Saturday I went to saman's house. I went to my grandad's sisters house I was with my grandad. I got a new toy car from my sister.
On Sunday I watched my ipad pro I went to the mall. I was with Michelle, Zoya and nana. I had a delicious ice cream from Denny's.

By Eshan

Claires news .

On saturday my granny came. we went to the airport to pick her up .
She was on a plane. We watched a movie. It was called Spiderman.

On Sunday we went for a drive. We went to the city. We had an ice cream.

by claire

My Weekend News by Ethan.

On Saturday. I did splashing. I went swimming. I was with mum. My favourite part of the day was when. I have splashing.

On Sunday. I watching tv. I stayed at home. I was with dad. My favourite part of the day was when. I stay at home watching tv.

I had fun at the splash pool.

I take a picture by Joanne Tello

On Saturday I went to the party with my mum and dad.
At the party I dance and having fun.

On Sunday I went to church with my family.After church I have a gaming with my brothers and sister.
Joanne and mum