Friday, 24 March 2017

RB came to visit yesterday!!

We were learning about what we could put into a healthy lunchbox.

I have a banana in my lunchbox.

Shawn is deciding what to use.

What did you choose in the end Shawn?

Alysa is practicing her cutting skills.

Ethan you are concentrating very well.

Look at what Joanne put in her lunchbox!

Amara is cutting very well.

Shizaneka has chosen some oranges.

Well done Eshan and Claire.

Sunday, 19 March 2017


We take care when writing, we do not press too hard.

We use our other hand to hold the book still.

We take our time when writing.

We concentrate really well.


We are deciding what bugs we wanted to draw. Joanne chose a butterfly!

Shawn chose a praying mantis. You were being very careful.

Amara chose to draw a ladybird, well done!

What did you choose to draw Ethan??

A local stream

We went for a walk to the stream by the school.

We used our senses: what could we hear, see, touch and smell.

Healthy lunchbox placemats

Don't forget to draw a picture of a water bottle with clean water in!

Amara is choosing what healthy things she should put in her lunchbox.

You are being very careful Eshan!

We are developing our fine motor skills, by cutting out the pictures.