Thursday, 26 November 2015

Making Christmas a little brighter ...

It's that time of year again and Riverhills 2 are making beeswax candles .. Check out their great candle making skills ..

Claire measuring the wick.

Jack and Shawn adding a couple of stars to our candles.

Shiquan rolling the beeswax sheets

Look at our beautiful Christmas candle!!!

Hao cutting out some star shapes to decorate our candles ..

Shawn making the wax a little soft for Shiquan to roll 

Hao doing a great job in cutting out the shapes.

Hao and Claire make a great team .. 

Claire adding the finishing touches. 
Sneak peek .. Santa maybe bringing you one of these beauties.. 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

PMP .. Not for the faint hearted ..

Silivia, Eshan, Jack , Shiquan and Joanne having so much fun .. Eyes the balloon guys ..

Catch the bubbles Hao and Alysa

Jump, jump, jump Ethan .. He's such a great jumper!!!

Wow!!! What great jumping Claire!!!

Shizaneka showing us how it's done ..

Preto jumping only on blue circles!!! 

Shawn is a master jumper, leader and runner .. What can't this boy do!!!

This group is having so much fun .. Can I join?

Fun times!!! 

Sam is a professional hitter .. What you can't see is that balloon went all the way onto the roof .. What an arm Sam!!! 

You go Alysa!!! 

Awesome jumping Joanne!!!

Hao putting all his muscle into it .. 

One balloon .. Two friends!!! 

Jack has this meditation pose on lock down!!!

Alysa and Shiquan working hard on their ball skills together!!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Summer Olaf style ..

Riverhills School held an extravaganza called "Once Upon a Time" where all the classes made art work of different fairy tales. We like the movie Frozen so much that we had to do art work of Olaf .. our favourite character.

Shiquan using cotton balls to represent snow.

Eshan getting down to business.

Wow Sam!!! Olaf looks great!!!

Claire is just getting started .. Can't wait to see Olaf!!!

Looking good Hao! 

Jenie  and Sam adding some glitter .. 

Eshan can't wait to see his Olaf take shape. 

Shiquan getting on with her art. 

Awesome Hao!!! 

That looks just like Olaf, Shawn! 

A bit of glitter ...

You may need a little more snow :-) .. 

Finishing touches for Sam's art

Sweet, sweet Halloween!!!

For Halloween we made pumpkin masks. They were fun to make and when we finished them we tried to scare Bex with them. :-)


Guess who?

Guess who these little pumpkins are?

Shawn trying out his mask for Halloween.

Ohhhhhh scary!!! 

Grrrrrrrr ... Ohhhhhhhh!!! 

Trick or Treat? 

Room 10 Making Candles ..

We had tonnes of fun decorating them. I wonder who the candles are for? And when do we use them?

Eshan smelling the block of wax. I wonder what it smells like.

Jack helping to break up the wax so that we can melt it. 

Sam exploring the block of beeswax.

Curious Hao with a block of beeswax.

Claire and Jack are so helpful. 

Jack checking out a block of beeswax. 

Eshan using all his muscles to help break up the blocks of beeswax. 

Claire is a great assistant. Can't wait to see these candles.