Wednesday, 25 November 2015

PMP .. Not for the faint hearted ..

Silivia, Eshan, Jack , Shiquan and Joanne having so much fun .. Eyes the balloon guys ..

Catch the bubbles Hao and Alysa

Jump, jump, jump Ethan .. He's such a great jumper!!!

Wow!!! What great jumping Claire!!!

Shizaneka showing us how it's done ..

Preto jumping only on blue circles!!! 

Shawn is a master jumper, leader and runner .. What can't this boy do!!!

This group is having so much fun .. Can I join?

Fun times!!! 

Sam is a professional hitter .. What you can't see is that balloon went all the way onto the roof .. What an arm Sam!!! 

You go Alysa!!! 

Awesome jumping Joanne!!!

Hao putting all his muscle into it .. 

One balloon .. Two friends!!! 

Jack has this meditation pose on lock down!!!

Alysa and Shiquan working hard on their ball skills together!!!

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