Monday, 30 October 2017

My weekend news by Shawn

On Saturday I went to BBQ Noodles Bar I ate rice and roast pork. Its was fun and the food was yummy. I did in the box with BBQ Noodles Bar. I was with  mum and dad Shawn and Hans .

On Sunday I went to church with dad After church I went to McDonalds I ate with Double mccheese
Combo small I was with mum dad Shawn I bounce with Trampoline .


  1. Hi Shawn,
    I liked reading about your news.
    Jumping on the trampoline is a lot of fun.
    What is your favourite combo at McDonald's?

    1. my favorite combo is mccheese double chicken thank you for asking.

  2. You are very lucky to have a trampoline Shawn. My children used to have one, but it broke. Can you guess what they would like form Santa this Christmas?