Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Love is in the air

Room 10 and 11 celebrated Valentine's Day by making cards and treats for our loved ones.

First we covered our cards with masking tape to make the word "Love." Then we painted the card with pretty colours- red, pink and purple. We blinged the cards with some glitter. When it was dry we peeled off the tape...and Ta-daa... pretty Valentine's cards.

Then we got busy in the kitchen. We measured all the ingredients for our cookies very carefully. The fun part was rolling them in heart shaped sprinkles. Then we squashed them on the tray. Some of us did not like the gooey feeling... but when they were ready they were delicious. 


  1. Your cards look great. I bet your loved ones liked them.

  2. Your cards are so plesent for valentines day