Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Cinderella - Manaiakalani Film Festival

Check out the Cinderella movie that we made for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. It is inspired by the drawings of our very own Joanne. We had lots of fun making it and hope you enjoy watching it!


  1. Wow Riverhills, I love your movie!!!
    You are all very good actors and I bet you loved seeing yourselves on the big screen!
    Keep up the fabulous work!

  2. Hi Riverhills, I really love your movie.
    You are very good and entertaining actors and I'll bet that you will love to see yourselfs on a big screen. '''Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Hi Riverhills,

    CUTE movie about a fairy tale it is very cool how you acted the story out. Keep the good work up.

  4. Hi Riverhills,

    That was an outstanding film that you fellows created. You all looked very adorable in your costumes. You submitted a really heart touching film this year. I loved it. keep up the good work children.

    Your Sincerely

  5. nice movie guys and girls it was quiet cool mabye you should not of put the background specker and work on not laughing but good job

  6. Talofa lava Riverhiils,
    Well done we loved the story it made us all feel very happy. All of your costumes were very elegant. The messenger played his part really well, especially putting the shoe Cinderella. We also wanted to compliment Sam on his introduction.
    from EWC1